New Website and Pastel Paintings

My apologies for taking so long to give my website a makeover and add all my latest paintings but the last year has made it difficult to get round this essential task. It has been time consuming being a sole helper for elderly parents shielding from Covid-19, being a taxi service twice a day taking and collecting my wife from her essential work as a health care worker at the local hospital (She is a Hero) and whenever possible, painting.

Finally, after much decision making I decided to drop the database driven Wordpress website which was becoming a liability due to the need for constant updates to maintain the security and the hosting providers inability to cope with increased malicious attacks.
Wordpress was also getting slower and slower for many reasons which included overloaded hosting servers so I have also re-located.

My new website was designed and built locally on my computer and changes are automatically processed to my server every time I update using the application I use.
The result is a faster, more efficient and attractive website.

The online shop is a departure from the Wordpress offering. It is cleaner, less cumbersome, faster and very secure.

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